HouseTechnical Engineering Srl was established in 1998, by a group of engineers who had been operating as associates since 1987. Earlier involved in the design of industrial plants, they later included the design of electrical systems, thus offering a comprehensive solution in the design of building systems.

In 2001 HT Engineering moved into the “Palazzo delle Professioni”, an office building that includes the headquarters of several bureaus operating in various fields.

HT Engineering accomplished a variety of notable projects both in Italy and internationally, with the early projects in the former Soviet Union Countries (CSI), and later in Africa and South America, thus achieving a remarkable expertise in all areas of its involvement.

HT Engineering exploits state of the art hardware and software for 2D and 3D design and modelling, so to meet the requirements of both the Customers and the professionals involved in the projects.

In HT Engineering we constantly strive to improve our competency and know how in all areas of design, construction and management.